Hens For Pets, a little history ...

Hens for Pets is the online trading name of The Poultry Centre (Notts) Ltd. For more than 10 years we have been supplying birds, coops, feeds and infact all you needed to set up with a few chooks in the back garden, together with lots of help and advice along the way. Initially based opposite the IKEA Retail Park in Giltbrook, we then relocated to the Ravenshead Plant Centre, we have recently left the Plant Centre and now work solely from home on the farm.


What Hens for Pets now offer ...hens, ducks, & hen & duck boarding

We breed mainly Bantams and a couple of the pure breed large fowl. The majority of birds sold are Mareks Vaccinated, all are Wormed with Flubenvet, and reared outside on grass, to give healthy happy hens. We also breed a variety of Ducks.  All our pure breeds are available to purchase as Hatching Eggs, for collection or via the post and payment by Paypal or BACS. We do not buy pure breed birds in 'to sell on', or purchase from Markets, the pure breeds we sell are reared by ourselves and all the images on this website are of our own birds.

We provide Hen Holidays, a Hen Boarding Service for hens (including Cockerels), Ducks and Geese.

Concentrating on pure breeds we no longer stock or sell Hybrid Laying hens - although these can still be obtained (in season) from the Ravenshead Plant Centre. Karen who worked alongside me at the Plant Centre has now taken over supplying hybrid hens under her new trading name Lovable hens (on facebook). To purchase hybrid laying hens please ring Karen on 07843 786690.

The prices for hens on this site are for collection only. Please bring along a suitable carrier, we do supply cardboard pet carriers at £2.50ea, they are suitable for 3/4 Bantams, depending on size.

So for pure breed Bantams & Large Fowl, hatching eggs, or Hen Boarding.... ring Teresa on 07860 436586 or email

For Hybrid Laying hens ring Karen on 07843 786690. Please note that Karens 'Lovable Hens' is a completely seperate business to Hens for Pets and I am not therefore able to advise stock availability, pricing etc.


Feeds & Supplies

Feeds, Bedding, Woodchips and general everyday supplies are still available from the Ravenshead Plant Centre. Gary Richmond-Dixon, under his new business, Ravenshead Poultry Supplies, continues to offer the brands so popular with Hens for Pets customers, Garvo, Bearts and Organic pellets together with a few extras.

For feeds and general husbandry supplies ring Gary on 07935 604320 or email also on facebook. Again, Gary's business is completely seperate to Hens for Pets.