Hens for Pets

‘Hens for Pets,‘ is the online trading name of The Poultry Centre (Notts) Ltd, we have a shop to visit as well as our website.  We carefully source products, many of which we use ourselves, and are able to give advice from our own experience.  We continue to look out for new products, so we can bring you the latest, whether you have two or three hens in the back garden, or a smallholding.  We offer products and feeds certified for organic use, so if you're looking to raise your birds on pesticide non GM feeds, and use products which will not harm the environment, we can help you out here too. We also sell Flubenvet medicated Marriages Feeds.

Our Hybrid Laying hens, which we buy in fully vaccinated, are sold at Point Of Lay.We also breed some large fowl and a wide variety of Bantams, which are reared outside on grass and most of which are Mareks vaccinated.

For all poultry or product enquiries, Hens for Pets can be contacted on 01623 793841 or mobile 07860 436586.


Poultry & Plants

We are located in Ravenshead at the Ravenshead Plant Centre, set amoungst the trees and fields close to Newstead Abbey, yet just off the A60 between Mansfield and Nottingham.  Here you can browse all things chicken, from feeds to incubation equipment, hatching eggs and of course the birds. If you are also keen on 'growing your own' or gardening in general, the Ravenshead Plant Centre which is a traditional nursery, offers a large array of bedding plants, vegetable plants and great hanging baskets together with the basics such as turf, composts etc.

Our addres is..

Hens for Pets, Ravenshead Plant Centre, Mansfield Road, Ravenshead, Notts NG15 9HS **

**To find us on SatNav the best postcode to use is NG15 9HN, which will take you to Kighill Lane, on the opposite side of the A60, just look for the single wind turbine and collection of Poly Tunnels. Once in the plant centre, simply head for the poly tunnels and park outside.

Ravenshead Plant Centre & Nursery

The Ravenshead Plant Centre & Nursery is a traditional garden centre has been based here in north Nottinghamshire for a number of years. The Garden Centre has built a reputation for friendly helpful service and knowledgable advice, so if its bedding plants or vegetable Plants there is a great selection to choose from.  Also available are fruit trees, shrubs, conifers, top soil & compost. Hanging baskets are a speciality, whether you bring your own for a spring or summer refill, or choose from the various displays on offer - these can be customised to suit your preference or budget. This Nottinghamshire Garden Centre also sells eggs from the little flock of rehomed ex battery hens you see foraging around as you drive towards the greenhouse - so if you girls are taking a break you can pick up a few eggs here as well !

If you would like to contact the Ravenshead Plant Centre direct, please call 01623 611066 or 07808 663462

Hens for Pets are located past the greenhouse, where we stock Garvo feeds, Organic feeds, Ex-battery Pellets and straight feeds, place your order on line or over the telephone, or visit our shop where you can see all the items on display.  We also have a range of hen housing, from off the shelf self assembly, to bespoke wooden chicken coops from Cherry Acres and a selection of plastic chicken coops from Solways Recycling and Omlet. During the summer season we have a variety of Hybrids for sale as well as pure breed large fowl and Bantams.  We breed between 15 to 20 different types of Bantam and large fowl, some which are vaccinated for Mareks, depending on the breed.

If you would like to keep a few hens in your garden and don't know where to start, feel free to give us a call. We've found keeping chickens to be very rewarding, there’s nothing quite like a tasty fresh egg for breakfast from your own flock, or an amusing family pet in your garden, but with such a choice of breeds and housing, it can be hard to know where to begin.

A good place would be a list of your priorities, consider which type of hen you would prefer, a prolific layer, a smaller bird which is easier to handle, an ornamental garden bird, or a fethered leg variety than can do much less damage to your lawn. You may want the satisfaction of giving a new lease of life to a rescue or ex-battery hen, and have the pleasure of watching her flourish. We hope to give you some idea of what to expect when caring for a rescue hen, in our  'Advice' section, under Ex Battery Hen Care.

To give you an insight into other considerations, we have put together an information sheet which we hope you'll find useful. It's located in our 'Advice' section under Starting Chicken Keeping.

Why not come along to our Free 'Introduction to Chicken Keeping' courses, they are held most Saturday mornings from 9.00am untio 10.00am thorughout the Summer Season.  They are designed to give you all the basics including hands on hadnling experiance, simply email or telephone to book, as places are limited.

The advice we give is from our own experience, our garden is home to both hybrid layers and sablepoot bantams. A few years ago, with my vegetable plot well established, I decided I would like some company in the garden, but gardening wasn't top of the agenda for the other half, Phil.  So I decided I'd like a pet, but with a fulltime job and family commitments I needed one that was easily managed.  Chickens turned out to be the perfect solution, and with the added benefit of fresh eggs and manure for my vegetable plot. Having a few chickens around was not something new for Phil, he grew up on a farm where hens were a regular sight in the yard -  but not viewed in quite the same way as our hens.  I was surprised to find how relaxing they were to watch, and of course I gave them names, although Kiev wasn't one of my better choices !! I even found myself saying goodnight when locking them up for the evening - think Phil is now doing the same - on the quiet of course !