Hybrid Hen Vaccination List

All hybrid hens supplied have a full vaccination programme, which starts when the chicks are one day old and continues until they are 16 weeks.  Therefore hens are just over 16 weeks old when they are supplied to Hens for Pets, and termed 'Point of Lay' (POL) at this stage, although they are unlikely to start laying for a further 3 or 4 weeks.

We keep our hybrids hens in red mite free housing. To avoid Red Mite infestations we recommend using plastic hen housing, the range we find both durable and cost effective is Solway Recycled, at Hens for Pets we supply these Coops, for between 2 and 12 birds.

We do give 'hands on' experiance of chicken handling, treating for parasites etc, at our beginners hen keeping workshops, click here for more details..


List of Vaccinations given


Mareks Disease


Infectious Bronchitis


Infectious Larynotracheitis

Newcastle Disease

Avian Rhinotracheitis


Egg Drop Syndrome

Some vaccinations consist of more than one dose during this 16 week period, which may be done by injection, spray, or via drinking water.

Manure is tested for parasitic worms and birds are treated where necessary

 If you also keep pure breed hens which have not been purchased from ourselves, they are unlikely to be vaccinated due to the expense of administering on a small scale.

Pure breed Large Fowl and Bantams which have been raised and supplied by Hens for Pets are Mareks Vaccinated and wormed with Flubenvet. Our birds are raised outdoors so they can develop their own natural immunity and do not require the same level of vaccinations as Hybrid Hens, which are usually raised in clinical conditions fully housed.