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  • HATCHING EGGS - 2019

    Submitted by Teresa on March 08, 2019

    Hens for Pets currently has a selection on pure breed Bantam & Duck Hatching Eggs for sale. Check out the Hatching Eggs pages or ring Teresa on 07860 436586 for details.

  • LAYING HENS FOR SALE - March 2019

    Submitted by Teresa on June 06, 2018

    Hens for Pets no longer sells Hybrid hens, however, they are still sold at the Ravenshead Plant Centre on Mansfield Road Ravenshead, NG15 9HN. Karen has taken over selling Hybrids, her Trading Name is Lovable Hens, for which there is a Facebook page. For details of availability, prices and collection times, please ring Karen  on 07843 786690 .