Hen Loft


This hen loft is the 'Mini Hen Coop' on legs, with a single nest boxes suitable for up to 4 Hybnds or Bantams.  So again, no maintenance, durable recycled plastic which is so easily cleaned and easy to keep red mite free. The ramp simply lifts up and fixes into place to close the pop hole, on the one illustrated here. Hens for Pets supply the same house but with the addition of a sliding door to close the pop hole which may then be used with an auto pop hole opener. Available in dark grey with a green roof, the roof is easily removed for internal coop cleaning. To view or purchase this coop simply contact Teresa on 07860 436586 or  alternatively visit Hens for Pets on a 'Poultry Sales Weekend' at Ravenshead Plant Centre - checkout our Notice Board on the Home page for dates - from March 2018. Supplied flat pack to take away - easy assembly.

Size - Internal Floor Space 447mm x 834mm

In our Opinion.. If space is limited then this is the coop for you. If you don't need many eggs it will suit 3 or 4 Hybrids or some fancy Bantams, a great price for a durable, easy clean robust plastic hen house. Hen keeping is addictive - so you may need to check out the Maxi loft as well !

Hen Loft, as shown with a single nest box, but with the verticle sliding pop hole door £230.00 Currently OUT OF STOCK