Brown Hybrid


The 'original' commercial laying hen, the Brown Hybrid Layer formed the basis of our supermarket egg production, having been developed for solely that purpose. A friendly docile bird with a high production of light brown eggs, easily over 300 in their first year, which diminishes rapidly after two years in lay.  Ideal for gardens or allotments, if you have an ornamental garden beware though, Hybrids are great diggers and will eat almost anything green ! As with most Hybrids they are raised indoors and have a comprehensive vaccination process, which means they are usually available to purchase from Point Of Lay, about 16-20 weeks of age. We don't normally have birds available from December til end February as the colder months can be a real set back for birds raised indoors, facing the elements for the first time.

In our Opinion..calm easily managed great egg producer, good garden rotavator !

Lots of lovely friendly girls now in stock - just in lay or literally on the point of lay - so eggs pretty soon !

Priced at £10 ea.  Shop open Sat & Sun 10-2 or by appointment at other times.

All livestock prices are for collection only, please bring a suitable carrier for transport.  We sell cardboard Pet Carriers suitable for 2 Hybrids or 3 Bantams, for £2.50ea. Cash only, we do not have a card payment facility as birds sales are a seasonal business. For feed & supplies from Ravenshead Poultry Supplies, on site, Cards are accepted. To purchase, telephone Karen on 07843 786690.