Brown Hybrid Laying Hen


The 'original' commercial laying hen, Brown Hybrids are friendly docile birds with a high production of light brown eggs, easily over 300 in their first year, which diminishes rapidly after two years in lay.  Ideal for gardens but if you have an ornamental or small garden beware, Hybrids are great diggers and you will know where they've been - best to consider pure breeds & bantams if you wish to preserve your garden.

Hens for Pets no longer sell Hybrid Laying Hens, however, I have included them here as they are still being sold from the Ravenshead Plant Centre where Hens for Pets used to be based. Karen (see Lovable Hens Facebook) has taken over selling the Hybrids and she can be contacted on 07843 786690.

Please note Hens for Pets, continues to breed and sell pure breed Bantams and Hatching eggs, now based from home and not the Ravenshead Plant Centre. For enquiries to purchase pure breed hens or to take advantage of Hens for Pets Hen & Duck Boarding Service, please ring or text  Teresa on 07860 436586. Visits to check availability and view pure breed bantams, hatching eggs and for hen boarding, are by arrangement only - home is on the farm with no 'Shop hours' but some wary Geese.....