Coppertop Hybrid


The Copperhead Maran Hybrid is a friendly bird, ideal for free ranging or a backgarden pen.  Laying around 240 brown eggs a year, the Copperhead Maran is a dark coloured bird, with a 'copper' head and neck and attractive iridescent plumage, sometimes with lightly feathered legs. Great if you are looking for a selection of different egg colours from your backgarden flock as Copperhead eggs are often slightly darker or speckled brown.

Information for initial care is provided at our free 'introduction to chicken keeping' courses held on selected Saturday mornings during the summer, booking required, details of courses on the Home page Notice Board.  We offer ongoing advice and support freely.

If you wish to view or puchase birds please contact Karen on 07843 786690.  Alternatively. pop along to one of our 'Weekend Poultry Sales' most weekends at the Ravenshead Plant Centre - details on our Home page Notice Board. Please do not call  'on spec' at the Plant Centre as poultry is no longer kept there permanently.

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