Call Duck - White


White Call Ducks have the cute factor, small active and constantly chattering, they are a joy to watch.  The females are very noisy and their sound can travel, domesticated call ducks were used as decoys to 'call ducks in' for shooting wild ducks, the males are much quieter. Now very popular for ornamental use or showing, they are the smallest domesticated duck. Call ducks are commonly seen in white although they are available in a number of other colours and patterns. They can become very tame, shouting out and following you around the garden, not unlike chickens behaviour, which makes them popular with children. Call Ducks do require water for swimming regularly, a childs plastic sandpit is ideal as it can be easily washed and replenished. They are not great egg layers and can go broody.

In our Opinion..Entertaining friendly ducks, ideal if you don't have close neighbours.

Hatching eggs White available from Spring 2019 £1.50 ea

Ducklings available from Summer 2019