Ebden Geese


Ebden Geese are large white domesticated Geese, the ones you would traditionally associate with a 'farmyard goose'. An ancient breed it is thought they originated in Germany and the Netherlands, fast growers they became popular for meat production. Ebdens mate for life, they lay around 20-30 eggs per season, so not great layers. Grass is essential, they spend most of their time foraging and grazing, they will also chew on tree bark so can easily damage young trees. They can fly, we find its usually a fast run with lots of wing flapping though. Great as substitute 'guard dogs' Ebden Geese will recognise their owners and kick up a racket if there is someone they don't recognise, in the breeding season they will also hiss and some may bite..

In our Opinion..Ideal for small holdings or very large gardens

Hatch for 2018 all sold