Muscovy Duck


Muscovy ducks are large placid ducks originating from Central and South America, used for meat production they are referred to as Barbery Ducks. They are keen grazers, Muscovies require a grassy area and somewhere to bathe, a childs plastic sand pit would do, although they spend much less time on the water than other ducks. Partial to the occasional rodent, they also love slugs, flies amd mosquitoes - they are a great friend to the gardener ! Muscovy Ducks can fly short distances, especially younger birds, so it may be necessary to clip wing feathers. Available in several colours Muscovy Ducks are good layers and make excellent Mums, they are easy to manage and quiet, ideal for a garden with grass and great for small holdings. We find they don't mess the lawn up like traditional ducks, as they graze it rather than digging holes in it.

In our Opinion.. Friendly, quiet and useful for pest control, lovely temperaments.

Hatching Eggs available Spring 2019 £5 half dozen

Drakes £5 ea from 2018 Summer Hatch