Runner Duck - Trout


A very distinctive duck, Indian Runner Ducks are upright, and as their name suggest are active ducks. Originally from the Indonesian Islands, where they would be walked to market. Runner ducks are ideal garden ducks as they are quiet, enjoy slugs and flies and are good layers of up to 200 eggs per year. They love to forage and graze so need a grass area and a bathing area, a childs plastic sand pit will suffice with a seperate deep bucket for drinking, which can then be changed daily. Runner Ducks are very comical and entertaining to watch in the garden, they are available in a number of colours. The duck in the foreground is Trout, the paler duck is a Striker, our flock is a mixture of the two.

In our Opinion..Ideal garden ducks very comical to watch, attractive colours.

Hatching Eggs, Trout & Striker  £1.25 ea from Spring 2019

Ducks availabe from Summer 2019.