Friesian Fowl


Friesian Fowl are an ancient breed from the Friesian Isles in the Netherlands.  A small light upright bird, they are very active and inquisitive, they do best with plenty of room to forage. Friesian Fowl can fly well, so this needs to be taken into account when free ranging. We breed large fowl Friesians, although the large fowl size is more more akin to that of a Bantam, they are very good layers of up to 230 eggs a year.  Not prone to broodiness, they can go broody if eggs are left.

Available as Hatching eggs £1 ea, from Spring 2019.

In our Opinion..great inquisitive characters, always wanting to checkout what you're doing, also good flyers !

A few Pullets from  2018 Summer hatch still available, from  £20 ea.