Hybrid Blue Egg Layer


As the popularity grew for a flock producing different coloured eggs, the development of a commercial blue egg layer soon followed. Crossed with either pure breed Cream Crested Legbars or Araucana's, the blue laying Hybrid come in a range of colurs from white with dark flecks to mixed pastel shades. A reasonable layer, around 260 in their first year, of blue or blue green eggs. There can be quite a variation from docile friendly to slightly flighty depending on the cross, but we will advise you accordingly when you purchase. Popular addition to the flock, suitable for the garden or allotment.

In our Opinion..Great for a selection of egg colours, look really good combined with white and brown eggs, which sell well.

Limited stock - check availability before travelling a distance.  Cost £18 ea, cash only as no card maching for bird sales. Carry boxes £2.50 ea. We do have pure breed Legbar blue egg layers in stock at £25 ea. Contact Karen on 07843 786690 to purchase.