Lemon Sabelpoot


Lemon Millifluer Sabelpoots or 'Booted Bantams,' are among the most friendly and attractive bantams we have reared.  They are active and inquisitive, and even within the first few days of hatching are bold, learning quickly where food is coming from and enthusiastically leading the crowd. Always checking out what you're doing and readily flying onto your lap or shoulder, they make great pets.  Sabelpoots lay around 4 creamy white eggs per week, they can go broody if eggs are left. With Sabelpoot's feathered feet you hardly notice they've set foot on your lawn, an occasional footbath is a good idea if the ground gets a little muddy. Mareks vaccinate all our Sabelpoots are reared outside.

Our Opinion.. Great attractive little pets, especially if you want to preserve your lawn. Best to have hardwood chips or similar in their run if the ground is very wet.

Hatching eggs available from March 2019, £1.25 ea. Pullets, Mareks Vaccinated, available from Summer 2019.