Citron Dutch Bantam


Dutch Bantams are great little characters, inquisitive, active, with big personalities. Used for their eggs and meat on trading ships from the Dutch East Indies, as they required little room in the cramped conditions. Further developed in Holland, they are still very popular in a variety of colours, with straight or rosecomb, gold and silver partridge colours are most commonly seen in the UK. The Dutch Bantams we breed are Lemon Millifluer (Citron), a rare colour in the UK, usually with a Rosecomb. Despite their size, Dutch Bantams are very hardy birds able to withstand our cold winters, and good producers of around 200 eggs initially, they are not prone to broodiness but will sit eggs if left. Dutch Bantams are enthusiastic flyers whether its to hitch a ride on your shoulder or perch up a tree !The image shows a female at the fore which is a few years old, the white speckling (Millifluer) increases with age.

Hatching eggs available £1.50 ea from Spring 2019

In our Opinion..We love them, endearing bold characters great to watch, but take care if you have cats or Sparrowhawks visiting your garden

Mareks Vaccinated Pullets currrently available from Summer 2019.