Light Sussex Hybrid


The Light Sussex is a stockier hybrid with distinctive markings, which will lay 220 - 250 mid brown eggs per year.  A popular hen, with attractive lacing around the neck, well suited to the back garden.

Information for initial care is provided at our free 'introduction to chicken keeping' courses held on selected Saturday mornings during the summer, booking required, details of courses on the Home page Notice Board.  We offer ongoing advice and support freely.

If you wish to view or puchase birds pop into the Ravenshead Plant Centre Saturday or Sunday 10am until 2pm, to purchase at other times telephone Karen on 07843 786690 to arrange.

In Stock. Cost £15 ea Cash only for- no card payment facility. Feed & Supplies are also available onsite from the Ravenshead Poultry Centre, Card payments are available for those purchases.