O. E. Pheasant Fowl


Pure Breeds, Old English Pheasant Fowl are a traditional old breed, very popular in Yorkshire (Yorkshire Pheasant Fowl) and Lancashire around the 1900's. Reaching their heyday in the 1950's, Old English Pheasant Fowl were popular in shows but also kept for their excellent egg laying, hardy nature and dual purpose meaty cockerels. Their popularity waned however, and as a result are now on the Rare Breed Survival Trust list, which is such a shame as they are so attractive and striking as they sratch around in the grass. Old English Pheasant Fowl are best suited to a free range environment or at least given plenty of room to forage, so large gardens, small holdings or farms are ideal - given the chance they'll find a roosting perch in the barn. We have kept these for a few years now and although they can be a little 'aloof' and fly if spooked, they are just so attractive, hardy and robust.

In our Opinion..if you have the room, have Old English Pheasant Fowls and support this great breed, we love them.

Hatching Eggs currently available £1.50 ea (Spring 2019)  Ring Teresa on 07860 436586