Pekin Bantam


Pekin Bantams, originally from China, are a very popular choice for the back garden.  Pekins come in a wide range of colours, they are docile cheeky little birds which are easy to handle, this makes them a favourite with young children. Feathers can be flat or frizzle (curled back) like a feather duster, Pekin Bantams have feathering on their short legs, which are barely visible, and make little impact on the garden. Pekins are a reasonable layer of light cream coloured eggs, however, they easily become obsessive broodies, so regular egg collection is crucial. The image shows a cuckoo frizzle hen.

Pekin Colours we breed..   Lavender, Buff Mottled, Cuckoo, Millefluer, White Silky Feathered

Hatching eggs, we have a range of colours available £1 ea

In our Opinion..excellent pets, great for children - providing you have time to manage their broodiness.