Poland Bantam


Polands are an old established breed which originated in Europe. Easily recognisable by their distinctive ‘pom pom’ of head feathers, Poland Bantams are very attractive birds, but they do require a little more care and attention. Having so many head feathers restricts vision and Polands can become jumpy if not handled carefully - they just can’t see you coming ! This can also result in other birds picking on them in a mixed flock, especially from Hybrids. Ideally they need a covered run to prevent head feathers getting too wet, and these feathers should be inspected regularly for blood sucking head mite which can be a pest. Reasonable egg layers, initially producing around 150 white eggs a year, Polands don’t go brood readily.

Hatching eggs available from Spring 2019 £1.50 ea will produce smooth or frizzle, black with white top or blue with white top.

In our Opinion..worth the effort if you want something a little different, Polands make friendly garden pets.

Pullets available from Summer 2019.