Hen Boarding


Ideally you'll have the help of friends or neighbours to look after your birds when you go away, so that there is minimal disruption for your girls. However, we know it's not always that simple, so Hens for Pets can now help out with our Hen Boarding service - including Cockerels and Ducks.

To make this as stress free as possible, your birds will be kept in self contained runs and will not be mixed or close to other birds. Our standard pens are 10 square meters and the housing is either Solway Recycling plastic coops or Omlet Cubes, allowing easy cleaning for germs or mites.  The floor covering is chicken run hardwood chips, which are easily disinfected between guests and remain friable, so your girls can scratch around all day. Ducks are kept in grass pens with en suite bathing facilities. The fox proof pens include a dustbath and perching, together with a covered section, these are set inside an electric fenced area away from our own resident stock. All coops are closed at night and opened first thing. A poultry conditioning mix treat is given daily with quality Layers pellets available ad lib.  Any eggs produced will be kept for your return.

Total cost for Hens, per pen per week .. 3-4 Birds is £30 inc VAT       For 5-6 biirds £35 per week inc VAT (housed in larger pens)

Indiviual quotes can be given for higher numbers and for Ducks.

Minimum charge £20 (long weekends etc)

To make an enquiry or booking please call or text Teresa on 07860 436586.