Hen Hatching Eggs


Hatching Eggs for sale

Hens for Pets offers a wide range of Hatching Eggs for pure breed Bantam, pure breed Largefowl, Ducks and Geese. You can choose all one breed or a mix to suit. Order from 6 eggs or more for collection, or posting within the UK. All our breeding stock have unrelated Cockerels, live outside on fresh grass and have a breeder pellet prior to laying. We firmly believe that healthly, well cared for breeding stock produces stonger more robust chicks. We are happy to advise you on mixed flock selections to suit your own circumstances.

Eggs are collected twice a day and will not be over 7 days old, normally much less, when posted out.  All eggs are noted with date of lay and breed.

Eggs will be posted Monday to Wednesday to ensure they don't sit in a sorting office over the weekend.

Eggs from £1 each plus postage. Postage 6/12 eggs £5 first class  or £10 next morning delivery, via Royal Mail.

Please intially phone Teresa on 07860 436586 or email to place an order.  We will then confirm your order, subject to availability, and payment can be made via Paypal or BACS transfer. Eggs collected from Hens for Pets are cash only.

We offer hatching eggs from the following breeds..most of which are listed under birds for sale, with images of parent birds..


Ancona    £2 ea

Barred Plymouth Rock  £2 ea

Dutch - Lemon Millifluer (Citron) Rosecomb  £2 ea

Friesian Fowl (largefowl - but these are similar to Bantam size) £1 ea

New Hampshire Red £1.00 ea

Pekin - Buff Mottled, Black Cuckoo, Millifluer, Lavender, Silky feathered £1.00 ea

Poland - parents are blue frizzle cock and black hen with white head feathers - will produce a mix £1.50 ea

Sabelpoot - Lemon Millifluer, Porcelain £1.25 & £1.50 ea



Large Fowl

Old English Pheasant Fowl - Gold  (Very Rare Breed) £1.50 ea

Orpington - Buff  £2 ea